Virtual Office Assistance

CJ Brands Success as not only where go for your Virtual Assistance Services but as your On-Call Executive Assistant. Managing your scheduling, reservations, research projects, emails, do you need databases setup and integrated with a POS platform with a mobile app or QuickBooks setup, or documents drafted. Or simply someone answering your calls when you don’t have time too?

Social Media & Branding Success

Let us manage your social media or lets do a complete social media launch. Creating and executing a strategy, running campaigns, writing blogs, and ensuring that your company/brand has an active, growing and relevant online presence!          

Quick Facts

The U.S. population has been on a steady climb with using social media platforms. It’s not only a great way to stay in contact, it’s a marketing essential! 84% of online shoppers in the US review at least one social media site before making a purchase and 85% of orders from social media sites come from Facebook. 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing an advertisement while on Instagram.

Website Development, Design, and Management

Skilled and experienced in digital design and website design, software development (Client Relations Management). Lets make your ideas come to life.

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