Social Media & Consistency

Somethings to keep in mind… Social media is not something that is new to us, but for some business and brands it’s not something that is being utlizied the way that it could be. Especially when you are keeping up with our present marketing trends and implementing social media into your marketing strategy is consistency. Ensuring that you know what your brands’ positioning statement is, or what the message is that you want to get across about your brand.

What is a Positioning Statement

  • Who are you?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What can you be counted on for? Or guarantees or commitments?

Consistency is huge. Not only to gain trust but also for visibility reasons as well. Creating your logo and using the same logo across all platforms and all forms of marketing used. Using your logo as profile pictures or thumbnails is also quite necessary.

Assign someone to handle your social media. Schedule your posts in advance, that way they are brand consistent and geared to your brands’ target audience. That also gives the opportunity to have the content approved prior to being published.

Remember that in order to gain an online presence, that is where your brand needs to be!

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