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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions constitute an agreement with You (Client) and CJ Brands Success (Consultant).

1. Consultant is developing a website for the Client, both parties have agreed to the terms and conditions that follow.

2. Consultant may provide services, graphics, strategies and other intellectual property which is considered as a service and client is agreeing to payments for these services.

3. Consultant will complete work remotely, unless otherwise agreed upon and will email reports/invoice monthly, unless otherwise agreed upon.

4. Client agrees to making down payment that is stated in the quotation, and committing making all payments in a timely manner. Consultant will not begin work until down payment is made.

5. Client will have access to all accounts/ social platforms which are created by consultant.

6. Until services are paid for in full all intellectual property, platforms, databases, management software, or websites are considered property of Consultant.

7. Consultant will render all property and rights to content, accounts, and platforms that were created for or on behalf of the client, whether continuing engagement or not, if invoices / accounts with consultant are paid in full.

8. Client shall notify consultant in writing 7 business days in advance whenever they would like to terminate the engagement and vice versa.

9. If consultant terminates management services and account was paid in full, consult will refund the prepaid months of management.

10. Any notice given by one party to the other pursuant to this Agreement shall be in writing and confirmed in writing to the other party. The same must be acknowledge by the receiver in writing.

11. Once the engagement has ended, regardless of the reason, Client will pay the amount invoiced in full up to the end date to the consultant. Invoiced payments will be made within 3 business days unless previously approved by consultant 7 days prior to the end date. After, 30 days legal action in the courts’ jurisdiction of Consultants state, will be taken to obtain payment for amount invoiced and all court and filing costs.

12. Consultant has the right to bill additionally for any and or all losses taken on behalf of the client when consultant acted in best interest of the client with written prior consent, upon agreement for any application developed or account (s) created based on a proforma and email approval from client.

13. Client agrees to make themselves available for weekly recaps with the consultant to ensure communication and maintain the right direction. Fail to maintain weekly meetings consultant cannot be held liable for any inability effectively represent client.


Here is a breakdown of what to expect in terms of Invoicing and Payments.

• Due dates will be in weekly, or bi-weekly basis payment amount will depend upon weekly or bi-weekly payments starting from the date below with signature. By paying the full quotation of services and you will receive a 15% discount.

Down payment is 25% of your quoted amount or $200 whichever is greater. Down payment is considered as your commitment to begin your website development and management, and agreement of the full amount to be paid prior to the end of the contract.

• Payments are taken by cash, money order, check or by Credit/Debit Card Payments via PayPal.me/BrandsSuccess

* when paying with PayPal there is a $5 service fee. You can either include in your payment at that time or it will be added to your next invoice.

• If there are any approved paid advertisement costs will be invoiced separately.